Robert DiAlerto

Realtor & Attorney

Network Lead Exchange Franchise owner in Broward County, Florida. “We started in Dec 2021 and we got off to a very good and fast start, and we look forward to continuing that momentum.”
Erik Brashears

Former printing business franchisee

Network Lead Exchange Franchise owner in Frisco, Texas. “People like doing business with those they like and trust and Network Lead Exchange allows me to bring those people together and give them the platform they need.”
Dan Gittere

President / Co-Founder of VSP Marketing Group

Network Lead Exchange Franchise owner in West Palm Beach and started Network Lead Exchange in March 2021. “With Network Lead Exchange a lot of the leadership and the systems that are in place, it’s a really solid technology-based company with real missions that actually drive success and actual referrals back to the business individuals.”
Sabrena Rodriguez

President and Senior Care Advisor at Assisted Living Locators

Network Lead Exchange owner of Boca Raton, Florida.
“I got into the business of Network Lead Exchange because I wanted to be around like-minded individuals and I also wanted to have a group of folks on whom I was able to bounce ideas off.”